10mm Straw Box (100 Blue Straws)


The use of plastic straws has been a hot topic recently after being banned in numerous places around the world. Our PLA straws are a great alternative to plastic, making them an ideal & environmentally friendly replacement.

  • A distinctively blue PLA cornstarch straw
  • Straw dimensions: 10mm ø x 200mm length
  • Straws are angle cut on one end
  • Box contains 100 individually wrapped straws
  • Top of box perforated for convenient access
  • Certified DIN CERTCO compostable & biodegradable
  • Paper wrappings have been printed with a green soy-based ink to highlight DIN CERTCO certification
  • Ideal for smoothies, iced coffee, thick milkshakes, slushies, pulp fruit juice and much more…
  • Barcode: 6 009900 479354
  • This is a natural product, which has a 6-month shelf life
  • Biodegrading decomposition explained simply on the box
  • These straws are 100% toxin free

Product Quality and Compostable Accreditations

To confirm DIN CERTCO accreditation, please click here. These straws have been manufactured to comply with the following composting & biodegradable standards: EN 13432 | AS 5810 | ASTM D6400 | ASTM D6868.

These straws break down due to being exposed to oxygen, heat, UV light & microbial activities. When these straws biodegrade / decompose, they create carbon dioxide, biomass & water, which all present no danger to the environment. No toxins are leached whilst decomposing. The ink used to print on the straw wrappers is a soy-based ink.

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